Coral Island Fishing Guide

Coral Island Fishing cover

Fishing is one of the staple activities in a farm simulation game like Coral Island. It’s also one of the good ways of earning money early on in the game. But in order to catch fish, one must have a good fishing rod and some fishing techniques in their skill set.

In this guide, we will talk about how to fish in Coral Island, as well as how to get the fishing pole.

How to get the Fishing Rod in Coral Island

Some time as early as your third day in Coral Island, you will receive a letter from Sunny and Eleanor inviting you to come by their shack as they have a present to give to you. Head over to Sunny’s Beach Shack by the Beach and a cutscene will play showing the couple arguing about what to give you. You will then be asked to pick between the fishing pole or the bug net. You can pick either of the two as they will still give you both right away.

How to Fish in Coral Island

The fishing mechanic in Coral Island is similar to what most recent sim games have, with the main difference on how the reeling part is being shown on the game.

Step 1: Cast the line

With the fishing pole on your hotbar selected, head over to a body of water and then cast your line. The longer you press the button to cast, the farther your line will be casted as shown by the power meter that appears.

Step 2: Wait for a bite

Wait for a few moments and a dark silhouette of a fish will appear and approach your hook. The silhouette will be the same regardless of whether it is a fish or just junk. It will then start nibbling on the hook for a few times before it latches on with a bite. Once a bite happens, push the reel button to hook the fish. If the line is reeled in before a bite happens, or if the fish is allowed to bite for too long, the fish will get away and you will have to cast again.

Step 3: Reel in the fish

If a fish is successfully hooked, you then have to reel the line back to you and another meter will show up to help show the progress. As soon as the bite happens, the fish will start thrashing and splashing around. If you reel in your line while this is happening, two wriggly lines on the top and bottom of the meter will grow from the center, showing that the line’s tension is getting higher. If the wriggly lines extend to their maximum, then the line will snap and the fish will get away.

The best time to reel in a fish is to wait for it to calm down. Reeling a fish while it is not splashing around will show the middle meter filling up and it will also show the silhouette being actually pulled closer to you. Continue reeling until the fish starts splashing again and until you manage to retrieve your line.

Fishes that you caught can then be sold for money, or new fish species can be donated to museum to fill its aquariums. Make sure that you have enough space in your inventory to hold your catch or else it will be wasted.

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