Coral Island: Home Sweet Home Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the Home Sweet Home quest in Coral Island

Coral Island Home Sweet Home cover

Home Sweet Home is one of the introduction quests on Coral Island, where players are tasked with helping gather materials for their home renovation. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Home Sweet Home quest in Coral Island.

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How to Complete the ‘Home Sweet Home’ Quest

On your first day in the farm, you will receive a letter from Joko and Dina through the mail. They offer their help in fixing up your house to make it look better, but you will have to gather the materials needed for it.

You will need to gather:

  • x50 wood
  • x20 stone

You can chop down the mature trees using your axe to get the wood, while you can break down the small rocks and pebbles using your pickaxe to get the stone.

After gathering enough materials, head over to the Carpenter and interact with the desk. Select the House Upgrade option, then you can select the style of your house’s exterior among five designs.

Joko and Dinda will then get to work on your house, then once it’s done, you will complete the quest.

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