Coral Island: How to Catch Yucca Moth

Learn how to catch Yucca Moths in the perfect time and place in Coral Island with the help of this guide.

Coral Island Yucca Moth

Yucca Moths are one of the various insects you can catch in Coral Island. They can be hard to come by as they’re only available during certain seasons of the year, making them incredibly rare. If you want to complete your insect collection, then the Yucca Moth is probably next on your list. Read ahead as we share some tips and tricks on how to easily catch and breed the Yucca Moth in Coral Island.

How to catch Yucca Moth

You can catch Yucca Moths with bug nets or insect traps, just like any other insect. However, they’re only available during Summer and Spring seasons. You can find Yucca Moths around the Beach, the Town, and the Hot Spring during daytime and in any weather.

Coral Island How to Catch Yucca Moth

Catching Yucca Moth is quite difficult because of its tendency to immediately flee if it notices you. The best thing to do is to place Flying Insect Traps, which are unlocked upon reaching Catching Level 6. You can catch a Yucca Moth with Bug Nets if you manage to get it off guard.

You can also breed Yucca Moths in an Insect House if you want to produce more. You first need to be at Catching Level 8 before you get your first insect house via mail. Then you need to place a Yucca Moth you’ve caught into the insect house until it multiplies. The insect cage can store up to 10 Yucca Moths, including the one you placed inside, and won’t produce more unless you empty it.

There isn’t all that much use for the Yucca Moth unless you’re trying to make the Day Insect offering on the Catch Altar temple offerings. If you’re going to give the Yucca Moth as a gift, only Eleanor seems to like it. Grog is neutral about it. Everyone else hates receiving the Yucca Moth as a gift.

That explains how to catch Yucca Moths in Coral Island. If you’re looking for more tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our main page for Coral Island.