Coral Island: Into the Mines Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the Into the Mines quest in Coral Island

Coral Island Into the Mines cover

Into the Mines is one of the introduction quests in Coral Island. Players now get to explore the first few layers of the mines, but they are warned that they also have to look out for monsters that lurk in the area. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Into the Mines quest in Coral Island.

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How to unlock the Into the Mines quest

On the fifth day, Mark will visit your house in the morning to tell you that the mines are now open and that Kira wants to see you.

Into the Mines Objectives

Once you get the invitation to the mines, simply head to the northwest path into the forest to reach the mine entrance. Enter the mines to trigger a cutscene where Kira meets up with you. Before heading out, she gives you a Blunt Sword that you can use to defend yourself against the monsters.

The first mine that you can enter so far is the Earth Mine, starting off at level one. You will then need to go deeper to level five to reactivate the elevator that you can take to get back to the surface.

Earth Mine level 1 - Coral Island Into the Mines Quest Walkthrough

To get to a lower level, you will need to find the hole in the ground by breaking down the rocks within the cavern. There will always be one hole in a level, unless it is the final level of the mine. When a hole is exposed, you will hear a deeper sound of breaking rocks. Keep looking for the hole and jumping down into it until you reach level 5.

Earth Mine level 5 - Coral Island Into the Mines Quest Walkthrough

Once you reach level 5, you can then take the elevator to go back up and complete the quest. The elevator will be accessible on every 5 floors, and there is often a reward every 10 floors down. Make sure to check your Journal to also receive the 100-coin reward from the quest.

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