Coral Island: Into the Ocean Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the Into the Ocean quest in Coral Island

Coral Island Into the Ocean cover

Into the Ocean is one of the main quests in Coral Island. Ling is looking for someone who is able to work underwater and activate the altars that will help clean the water. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Into the Ocean quest in Coral Island.

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How to unlock the Into the Ocean quest

During your second week in the farm, you will receive a letter from Ling inviting you to the Docks.

Into the Ocean Objectives

Meet up Ling at Docks - Coral Island Into the Ocean Quest Walkthrough

Meet up with Ling at the docks, and she will ask for your help with her research. Your task is to activate x5 Solar Orbs that are scattered on the ocean floor. She will also give you a Diving Suit that you can use underwater.

Head over to the end of the dock to start diving. You will be accompanied by Kible, the automated drone, who will give you alerts and call upon the anchor that you can use to get out of the water.

Locate Solar Orbs - Coral Island Into the Ocean Quest Walkthrough

Your main objective is to locate the solar orbs and activate them to clean up the area from the sludge and oil. These solar orbs are often buried under the trash. Clear up the trash using your scythe, and you will eventually expose a solar orb. Interact with the orb, and it will fly towards the nearest altar.

Once the altar has been activated, it will send out a beam that will crawl to a specific spot on the map. The beam can only go on clear ground, so pay attention and clear out any trash that might be blocking its path. Once it reaches its end point, it will reveal another structure that sends out a wave of cleaning aura that will clear up the sludge. The wave will also make blackened roots retreat, opening paths to new areas in the ocean.

After activating five solar orbs, report back to Ling, and she will give you the Diving Suit for good. She will also ask for you to continue activating the rest of the solar orbs, which continue into the Explore the Ocean quest.