Coral Island Explore the Ocean Quest Guide

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Explore the Ocean is one of the quests in Coral Island where players will have to clean the ocean floor from trash and help clear the sick roots. This quest allows players to go diving into the depths to collect more resources that can help improve not just the farm, but also the entire island.

In this guide, we will go through the steps on how to complete the Explore the Ocean quest.

How to unlock the Explore the Ocean quest

On your eighth day on the farm, you will receive a letter from Ling, the head of Starlet Laboratory. She will invite you to go see her at the pier. Talking to Ling will unlock the Into the Ocean quest which will then unlock the Explore the Ocean quest when completed.

Coral Island: Explore the Ocean Walkthrough

After completing your first dive and activating the first 5 Solar Orbs, Ling will then ask you to clean more sections of the ocean that are still covered by the sick roots.

Step 1: Heal the coral sites

Head to the ladder at the pier to start your diving session.

While diving, you do not have the need to breathe and you can stay underwater for as long as you like, or up until 1 AM when you pass out for the day. You will descend via an anchor which also serves as your way back up to the surface. Your companion Kible will swim by your side and remind you when you are low on stamina. You can also press the X key to make Kible relocate the anchor to your current position for an easy exit. You can then dive back in the same exact position the next time you go diving.

Your main objective at this point is to clear up trash and heal 20 coral sites. This can be done with the help of the Merfolk tech that are scattered underwater.

How to clean coral sites

To clean coral sites, you must first clear the trash on the seafloor using the sickle until you find a Solar Orb, an item that looks like a golden egg. Interact with the orb to send it flying towards the nearest emitter, a contraption that looks like a small shrine.

The emitter will then send out a crawling beam of light on the seafloor. If its path is blocked by trash, which will then be marked with a red outline, you will then have to clear the trash out. Do this until the beam stops in place.

At the end of the beam, a pillar will rise from the sand and emit a Blast of Healing that will clear out the sick roots in the area, as well as remove the roots that are blocking access to a different section of the ocean. Take note that any trash that are still on the ocean floor within the blast will remain unaffected.

There will always be one Solar Orb per Emitter, so you will know if a Solar Orb is still in the area or not based on the state of the nearby Emitter.

How to get past the blocking turtles

As you adventure deeper and clear up new sections of the ocean, you will encounter turtles that are blocking the paths to the next sections. To get past them, you need to bring them the items that appear on their speech bubble. Pay attention to the quality of the requested item as you will need to bring them an item with the same or higher quality.

In case the turtles are asking for crops that you haven’t seen being sold as seeds from the General Store yet, then check out our Coral Island Seeds: where to get & how to get more guide. It’s recommended to get through the turtles during Spring to Summer as it can get harder to get the necessary crops later in the year.

Based from our playthrough, the turtles asked for a cucumber, a corn, and a large milk, all in bronze quality. In case these requests carry over to another season, the crops in question will also change depending on what is in season. On the same playthrough, the cucumber was replaced with a tomato of bronze quality.

There will be three turtles that you will encounter during this quest and you need to pass all of them to reach the goal of 20 cleaned coral sites.

Step 2: Inspect the source of the shake

After clearing all the required coral sites, a cutscene will play where another huge section of the ocean opens up. Head towards this section to trigger another cutscene where you will meet two Merfolk, Denali and Agung. After a couple of lines, you can then continue on to the deeper sections that you can continue cleaning as usual.

Step 3: Follow the retreated root

Update: As of the release of the Merfolk & Fall Update, you can now access the section of the game that completes this objective. Read our full walkthrough for the ‘Follow the retreated root’ objective here.

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