Coral Island: One of Us Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the One of Us quest in Coral Island

Coral Island One of Us cover

One of Us is one of the quests in Coral Island where players are given the chance to transform into a merfolk and be able to move underwater much more freely. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the One of Us quest in Coral Island.

How to Unlock the One of Us Quest

Coral Island How to Unlock the One of Us Quest

The One of Us quest can be unlocked after cleaning up the Deep Sea and healing the Coral Tree. You should be receiving a letter from Cho Oyu a few days afterwards inviting you to her home. Talk to Cho Oyu and it will start the quest.

How to Complete the One of Us Quest

After Cho Oyu tells you that she learned of a potion that could turn humans into merfolk, she will ask you to gather the following items:

  • x5 Osmium Kelp Essence
  • x5 Any Osmium quality crop
Gather Ingredients for Cho Oyu - Coral Island One of Us Quest Walkthrough

After gathering these ingredients, you will need to get one more ingredient, which is the Coral Tree Sap. Follow Cho Oyu, and she will get the sap from the Coral Tree. She will then create the potion. Once the potion is done, you will be asked if you’re prepared to take it.

Once you take the potion, you will be taken to the customization screen, where you can choose how your lower merfolk half will look like. Your transformation will then be completed after you make your choice. Your merfolk form will be your new form whenever you are underwater, removing the need to wear the diving suit, and then you will switch back to your human form once you get back on land.

That covers all the events for One of Us Quest in Coral Island. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Coral Island.