Coral Island Romance Guide and Dateable Characters

A guide to all dateable characters and marriage candidates in Coral Island!

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With all the characters or townies present in Coral Island, a good number of them are bachelors and bachelorettes and thus can be taken into a romantic relationship. The good news is that gender or sexual orientation does not matter when dating someone in the island, so love wins!

In this guide, we will look into all the dateable characters in Coral Island, talk a bit about who they are and what they do, and also talk about the stuff that they love and hate.

This guide is a work in progress. It will be updated as soon as additional information becomes available.

Coral Island Romance Characters

The devs of Coral Island just recently tweeted the updated list of all dateable characters in the game, showing new characters confirmed as dateable such as Aaliyah and Wakuu, while also teasing more dateable characters in the future.

All Coral Island Bachelors and Bachelorettes

Listed below are the 25 dateable bachelors and bachelorettes in Coral Island, their birthdays, and the items that they love and hate.

  • Aaliyah
    • Info: TBD
    • Birthday: TBD
    • Loves: TBD
    • Hates: TBD
  • Alice
    • Info: Alice runs the local inn with her twin sister Suki. She is interested on talking about strange phenomena.
    • Birthday: Winter 27
    • Loves: Green Smoothie
    • Hates: Pizza
  • Ben
    • Info: Ben lives off his caravan and is interested about road trips, healing crystals, and music festivals.
    • Birthday: Spring 22
    • Loves: Mushrooms
    • Hates: Clam Chowder
  • Chaem
    • Info: TBD
    • Birthday: TBD
    • Loves: TBD
    • Hates: TBD
  • Charles
    • Charles is the local doctor of the island and is known for giving medical advice even when outside his clinic.
    • Birthday: Winter 4
    • Loves: Burrito
    • Hates: Flowers
  • Eva
    • Info: Eva works in the general store as a baker and loves to make friends with everyone.
    • Birthday: Summer 13
    • Loves: Cookies, Orchid
    • Hates: Garlic
  • Kenny
    • Info: Kenny is a very friendly guy who has befriended not only the islanders, but also almost every living and non-living thing in the island.
    • Birthday: Spring 9
    • Loves: Vegan Taco
    • Hates: Cheese
  • Leah
    • Info: Leah works as a yoga instructor and has quite a fashionable sense.
    • Birthday: Summer 24
    • Loves: Pearl
    • Hates: Fishes
  • Lily
    • Info: Lily works remotely for a cybersecurity company and is living with her dad and brother.
    • Birthday: Fall 19
    • Loves: Kimchi, Omurice
    • Hates:
  • Luke
    • Info: Luke runs both the Hillside Vineyard for his family and Socket Electronics as his own side business.
    • Birthday: Fall 16
    • Loves: Wine, Ratatouille
    • Hates: Shells
  • Macy
    • Info: Macy works as a full-time photographer and is really interested in capturing the beauty of nature
    • Birthday: Spring 25
    • Loves: Pizza
    • Hates: Pickles
  • Mark
    • Info: TBD
    • Birthday: TBD
    • Loves: TBD
    • Hates: TBD
  • Millie
    • Info: Millie runs the local library and she usually helps in facilitating the island’s many events.
    • Birthday: Winter 3
    • Loves: Veggie Ramen
    • Hates: Fishes
  • Nina
    • Info: Nina was once an islander, but she moved out of the island and only comes by for vacation from time to time.
    • Birthday:
    • Loves: Flowers, Banana Fritter
    • Hates: Banana, Tomato Soup
  • Noah
    • Info: Noah runs the tavern with his brother and is fond of discussing theories.
    • Birthday: Winter 10
    • Loves: Durian, Gnocchi
    • Hates: Smelted Bars
  • Pablo
    • Info: Pablo runs the local blacksmith with his brother and Rafael and he likes to go around town to help out.
    • Birthday: Spring 27
    • Loves: Sweet Potato Poutine
    • Hates: Durian
  • Rafael
    • Info: Rafael runs the local blacksmith with his brother Pablo and he is often found on his own.
    • Birthday: Fall 4
    • Loves:
    • Hates: Salad
  • Raj
    • Info: Raj runs the local coffee shop.
    • Birthday: TBD
    • Loves:
    • Hates:
  • Scott
    • Info: Scott is running the local museum and is passionate about preserving artifacts.
    • Birthday: Spring 12
    • Loves: Coffee, Egg Custard
    • Hates: Tulip
  • Suki
    • Info: Suki runs the local inn with her twin sister Alice, but oftentimes she is busy being a mom to her daughter Valentina.
    • Birthday: Winter 27
    • Loves: Green Smoothie
    • Hates: Pizza
  • Surya
    • Info: Surya works at the laboratory as a marine biologist.
    • Birthday: Fall 25
    • Loves: Lodeh
    • Hates: Milk
  • Theo
    • Info: Theo works as a fisherman and has a side gig of singing at the tavern.
    • Birthday: Fall 11
    • Loves: Fish Taco, Yellow Moray Eel
    • Hates: Beer, Wine
  • Wakuu
    • Info: TBD
    • Birthday: TBD
    • Loves: TBD
    • Hates: TBD
  • Yuri
    • Info: Yuri works in the island as a doctor after having travelled the world to provide health aid.
    • Birthday: Summer 28
    • Loves: Lobster, Fish Sandwich, Green Curry
    • Hates: Flowers
  • Zarah
    • Info: Zarah likes going on adventures and seeking lost treasures and artifacts.
    • Birthday: Summer 16
    • Loves: Rambutan, Azurite
    • Hates: Roasted Chestnuts

How to increase the relationship levels of characters in Coral Island

Raising relationship levels can be done by talking to the characters daily and giving them gifts that they love or like. A character can receive 1 gift per day, and 2 total gifts per week. The level gained by giving gifts is increased when done during their birthdays, to almost two (2) full hearts when a character is given a thing they love. Take note of their birthdays a week in advance to make sure that you will still have a gift attempt for their birthday gifts.

So far, relationship levels will only go up to four hearts for every character on the island, including the rest of the townies. But once the Spring Content Update and the rest of the future updates roll in, we should be able to increase these levels higher until ten hearts under the Marriage & Children Update.

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