Coral Island: Smelting for Progress Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the Smelting for Progress quest in Coral Island

Coral Island Smelting for Progress cover

Smelting for Progress is one of the introduction quests in Coral Island. After obtaining a furnace, players must now learn how to use it in order to process the mines ores. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Smelting for Progress quest in Coral Island.

How to unlock the Smelting for Progress quest

The Smelting for Progress quest unlocks as soon as you create your first Furnace from the All Ore Nothing quest.

Smelting for Progress Objectives

After creating the Furnace, place it on a spot on your farm. You will then need to have x5 ores and x1 coal in order to create a single metal bar of the chosen ore. In this case, you can use your copper ores or silver ores and feed them into the furnace.

Make sure that you also have coal in your inventory as the furnace will automatically take a piece for every 5 ores that you place. One furnace can only take up five orders of the similar type at a time, and each order can take from 6 in game hours (copper) to 36 in game hours (osmium) to finish.

Once the first bar has been smelt, take it out of the furnace to complete the quest.

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