Coral Island: The Extractor Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete The Extractor quest in Coral Island

Coral Island The Extractor cover

The Extractor is one of the quests in Coral Island. Surya shares that kelp harvested from the ocean can be processed to get its essence, but first, an extractor must be crafted. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete The Extractor quest in Coral Island.

How to unlock The Extractor quest

After going into the ocean and harvesting some kelp, Surya will visit your house the following day to tell you about the Extractor, which will also start the quest.

The Extractor Objectives

Coral Island Extractor crafting materials

For this quest, you simply need to craft an Extractor. Surya will give you the blueprints, and to craft one, you will need the following materials:

  • x20 Scrap
  • x20 Bronze Kelp
  • x40 Wood

Craft one then place it on a spot on your farm to complete the quest. This will also immediately start the Essence Extractor quest.

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