Cory Barlog Prefers Increase in Prices Rather Than Microtransactions for Next-Gen Games

Game of War Director Cory Barlog recently took to his official social media account to share his opinion on the supposed price hike on next-gen titles.

Barlog recently posted on his official Twitter account about this personal opinion on the supposed-to-be increase on prices for next-gen titles like for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Recently 2K divulged their prices for their next NBA 2K title and the price for their PS5 and Xbox Series X games are $10 more expensive than the PS4 and Xbox One versions. This also made other publishers interested in increasing their prices as well. Microsoft, on the other hand, is asking the same publishers and developers to offer free upgrades for their games from current gen to next gen versions.

While some people think that the prices should stay the same since the whole world is currently in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the God of War director says otherwise. According to Barlog, it would be better for prices to go up initially rather than having “cash grab microtransaction filled hellscape that some games have become.”

In that respect, Barlog’s idea is quite okay than having too many microtransactions along the way. Of course as games age, the prices will go down anyways. If fans really want to support their developers in making high-quality games then it would not be a problem for them to purchase such games with a little bit of increase in initial prices.

What are your thoughts on this guys? Would you rather have the initial additional expense or the long-run microtransactions?