Could Hideo Kojima Be Up To Something?

After the release of Death Stranding, people were wondering what Kojima Productions was going to do next. While we received news that the Kojima team is expanding to making movies, comics, and even anime there still isn’t a confirmed title in production.

But recently, Kojima has posted a tweet online teasing that they may be revealing their next title very soon. Whether it’s a video game or a movie is anybody’s guess. But one thing is for sure, the tweet has driven everybody nuts.

Kojima has always been known to be sort of cryptic and fond of subtle messaging. People with observant eyes pointed out that the note on his desk says “next week” and going even deeper the pencil Kojima is using has the “Pyramid” written on it. It may be going a tad bit too far to say that it’s a Silent Hill reference as Kojima clearly doesn’t have the best of relations with Konami. Whatever it is, we have to wait next week to hear of it.

Source: PushSquare