Creator of Death Stranding Shows Off The New Photo Mode

DEATH STRANDING™_20191111233149

For PC players they have something more to look forward to this June 2nd. When Death Stranding finally releases for everyone’s personal computer, they’ll have something that console players don’t and that’s a photo mode.

Considering just how beautiful and gorgeous the graphics of Death Stranding are, it’s a damn shame that we can’t really take an adjusted photo without using the SHARE button on the PS4. But for the PC players, they’ll be able to access this mode when the game ports over this June.

Hideo Kojima shows off this feature in a tweet.

At any moment you can pause the game to enter Photo Mode and tweak the display to your liking. You’re able to adjust the brightness, the depth of field, exposure, and even add filters. This is much superior to just having to use the SHARE button to take individual shots on the Sony console.

Kojima also stated out in another tweet that he’s planning on holding photo contest. A contest where players send their most creative photos over to Kojima Productions using the in-game camera. This is similar to Kojima’s previous work, Metal Gear Solid 2, when he held a competition that rewarded players who sent in their most creative shots.

Source: IGN

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