New Multiplayer Detective Title Crimesight Announced by Konami

Game company Konami has announced the reveal of a new multiplayer detective game titled Crimesight.

The game is set in London in the futuristic year 2075. Serious crimes can be predicted in this era due to a new analytical program developed by using data harvested online. The program is almost flawless, but then it figures out a crime that could plunge the world into chaos. The world then develops an AI with a purpose to investigate and prevent the apocalyptic crime.

This new AI is called Sherlock and its only purpose is investigation. He has the ability to unravel the truth from tons of mysteries.

Crimesight will be available on PC via Steam and the closed beta sign up period has already started and will end on July 10. The closed beta test period just recently started and will end on July 11, 2021.

Source: Official Website

Here’s the trailer: