Crimsonland for Playstation 3

Tampere, Finland, March 3rd 2015 – Game developer 10tons has announced the top-down dual stick arena shooter Crimsonland launches on PSN for Playstation 3 this week. Priced at 13.99 USD or 9.99 EUR, the game comes with a free trial.

“Crimsonland has turned out to be very popular among gamers and a huge success for us on Playstation 4, Vita and Steam. We’re genuinely excited to make the game available for Playstation 3 gamers as well.”, says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

Crimsonland is an old-school hardcore top-down dual stick arena shooter with role-playing game elements. The player must complete 60 increasingly challenging missions full of zombies, giant spiders, lizardmen and more to unlock 30 weapons and 55 perks. The massive arsenal is unleashed on PSN leaderboard driven Survival game mode, where the player must discover the best combinations of perks, weapons and playstyle to reach the top of the rankings. The game features local co-op for up to four players in all game modes.

Crimsonland is a remastered version of 10tons Ltd.’s first game originally released in 2003.


  • Quest mode with six chapters
  • Five survival modes: Survival, Rush, Blitz, Weapon Picker, and Nukefism
  • 30 unique weapons
  • 55 awesome perks
  • PSN Trophies and leaderboards
  • Up to four player local co-op

Crimsonland PS3 is cross-buy with PS4 and Vita versions in SCEA region. Cross-buy in SCEE region is pending.

Crimsonland launch trailer:

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