Cross-Play Now Possible for both PS4 and Xbox One

Age of change in the industry has already began… slowly. With developers doing cross-platform on both big console machine makes it more of like a peace treaty for the two. Well, the console war is just an endless debate for a lost cause. As far as we all know, cross-platform was already there, it’s just that developers didn’t go through with the idea until one indie game development team made this feature more useful. And that team is Psyonix. Yes, the developer of the new hit next-level football with remote-controlled cars. Rocket League already made this feature available for both PC and the PS4 platforms to cross-play. The recent release of Rocket League on the Xbox One system made it more possible for the 3 systems to cross-play for all players.

This can end some of the flame in the “console-war” debate. It would be a great feature for both console to feature cross-platform plays for multi-system games like The Division, Battlefield, NBA 2k Series, Call of Duty, etc. If you have a friend that owns an Xbox One and you own a PS4 but both of you plays the same shooter game like The Division, at least the two of you can already play it without any of you buying the other system. But it wouldn’t fair for consoles to cross-servers with PC if it’s a shooter game wherein mouse+keyboard > against controllers.

Cross-play might be featured when GDC starts? Or we have to see what the other game developers can say about utilizing this feature on their future patches or new game release.