Crysis Remastered Reveals New Switch Tech Trailer

Crysis Remastered

Game studio Crytek recently released a brand new trailer for upcoming video game remaster Crysis Remastered.

The new tech trailer features the Nintendo Switch version of the game. This particular version was developed in partnership with Saber Interactive, the guys behind The Witcher 3 Switch version.

Check out the video description here:

Crysis Remastered is making its debut on Nintendo Switch with high-quality textures, global illumination (SVOGI), vegetation bending, optimized dynamic light settings, dynamic resolution, gyro aiming, motion blur, bloom (light rays and sunbeams) and much more.

In the video, take a look of what these features look like in Crysis running on Nintendo Switch!

The Switch version will launch on July 23. Pre-orders are now open and the price tag is $29.99 only. Other versions will be coming later.

Check out the trailer here:

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