Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Release Window Got Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement

It's closer than you expected!

A new rumor claims the Cyberpunk 2077 major DLC release window has now been leaked ahead of the official schedule.

Many rumors have claimed the release window for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 major DLC, Phantom Liberty, but this new one will excite the fans. According to a recent podcast, it could be released sometime next month or after that.

Polish gaming podcasters Rock and Borys recently exchanged some intel on the upcoming Cybeprunk 2077 Phantom Liberty in their latest episode. This was translated by Reddit user SpaceSimGuy on subreddit cyberpunkgame. Borys claims that the DLC expansion will be released sometime between June 8 and early July 2023. He says that this was from an older report and was internally set by CD Projekt RED. He also claims that his sources say the expansion is now progressing well and it will be announced a month after the official release date is announced.

CDPR has not shared any statement to confirm or deny these allegations right now, so take this new rumor with a grain of salt.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty will be available exclusively on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S only.