Cyberpunk 2077 PC Mod Users Warned by CD Projekt RED After Detecting Vulnerability

Game studio CD Projekt RED recently released the resources and tools for players to try out modding controversial video game Cyberpunk 2077, but now they are warning them after they found out something.

Even though the studio was the one to officially introduce modding the game, CDPR has warned the players that there might be some technical issues if they are going to use them. They recently discovered that there is a vulnerability in the external DLL files that the game uses. These are used to execute code on PCs and that might make them open to exploits.

Currently, the game studio is trying to fix the issue as soon as possible. They are now suggesting that everyone should refrain from using any files from unknown sources.

Hopefully they can get this fixed since some modders are already trying to make the game look better.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on PlayStation 4 (physical) Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. Xbox Series X/S and PS5 upgrades are coming later.