Cyberpunk 2077 Steam Playerbase Gets 79% Decline Since Launch

According to a report, controversial video game Cyberpunk 2077 has lost a lot of its playerbase since its disastrous launch.

The decline is now up to 79 percent and is three times faster than CD Projekt RED’s rather popular title The Witcher 3. This was collated by Githyp with more details about the decline. It was revealed that while the game company boasted it got one million concurrent users during its launch on PC, it now barely has 225,000 players at a time. To compare, The Witcher 3 got a big decline within three months.

To note, single player games usually get a big drop of players after a few months since launch since it has limited replayability value compared to multiplayer games. Also, Githyp notes that open-world games are the ones that usually survive the long-run with single-player games with its big worlds and mechanics.

With the disastrous launch, buggy mess, and cut-out content, it can be speculated that the decline will go further into catastrophic percentages soon. I just hope CD Projekt RED has a plan for making Cyberpunk 2077 get back on its feet soon.

Source: Githyp via VG247