Dark Deity Available Now on Steam!

Sword & Axe, developers of the RPG, Dark Deity, have just announced the game to be available on Steam at this very moment. Charles Moore of Sword & Axe made the announcement on stage, or more specifically, on stream.

Available now!

An ambitious new SRPG, inspired by genre classics much in the vain of old school Fire Emblem. the game boasts 54 playable classes. It also possesses a sprawling, epic story, influenced by 30 playable characters.


  • Talamhel is an open world, free to explore and discover as you please.
  • Every island is a unique, colorful encounter of combat, lore and plunder.
  • with tiered levels of difficulty, locations offer challenges that will reward those who overcome
  • With a trusted (undead) companion rested in the crow’s nest, you’ll never sail the seas alone
  • Cleave through the corruption with 7 distinct fighting styles
  • Bolster yourself with dozens of armor sets, each with their own unique defenses
  • Combine and modify your devastation with magical augments, creating a personalized build
  • New Starpire residents unlock perks like gifts of exclusive equipment and unique services
  • Discover the lives of others, their choices and actions, and decide their fate
  • Engage with characters unlike any you’ve ever met, and rebuild a community
  • Decisions not easily made: become familiar with grey area between right and wrong
Watch the launch trailer here

Dark Deity is current available on Steam with a 20% launch discount.

You can grab a copy of the game here.