Dave the Diver: Where to Find the Cookiecutter Shark

A guide on how to find and catch a Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Cookiecutter Shark cover

The Cookiecutter Shark is one of the sharks that can be encountered in Dave the Diver. It is the smallest shark in the game and can be easily mistaken as a regular fish when first seen. Read ahead as we share some tips on how to find and catch a Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver.

Cookiecutter Shark Location

The Cookiecutter Shark is often found in the Blue Hole Depths between the depths of 130m and 250m. It usually just spawns once every morning or afternoon around the same area.

How to Catch a Cookiecutter Shark

How to Catch a Cookiecutter Shark - Dave the Diver

To catch a Cookiecutter Shark, it must be treated like any other shark in the game. Because of its size, it can be caught whole when it is killed or when it is tranquilized; because of its small size, it does not require a submersible to be brought back to the surface. It is recommended to use a tranquilizing harpoon or a level 4 Hush Dart to catch one that is of 3* quality.

The Cookiecutter Shark is an aggressive shark that charges at its target. Be careful when doing a counterattack, as this shark turns quickly around and moves forward a few distances, which can catch you off guard if you are too close.

Cookicutter Shark Recipes and Uses

Cookicutter Shark Recipes and Uses- Dave the Diver

The Cookiecutter Shark is an ingredient for the Cookiecutter Shark Sushi and the Deep Fish Tempura, which is the recipe unlocked during the Alex Cooper VIP mission. This shark can also appear in the Sea People village quest, which usually requires hunting down a number of Cookiecutter sharks.