Dave the Diver Sub Mission Guide: Finding the Seaweed Collector

A guide on how to complete the Finding the Seaweed Collector sub mission in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Sub Mission Finding the Seaweed Collector cover

Finding the Seaweed Collector is one of the sub missions in Dave the Diver. Mima’s Restaurant has no customers since the seaweed collector hasn’t gone by to deliver ingredients for a while now. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Finding the Seaweed Collector sub mission in Dave the Diver.

How to unlock the “Finding the Seaweed Collector” sub mission in Dave the Diver

Finding the Seaweed Collector will be unlocked after completing the Tube Corals Needed sub mission. Talk to Mima to receive the mission.

Finding the Seaweed Collector Walkthrough

To start the Finding the Seaweed Collector mission, talk to Mima. She will tell you that their seaweed collector, Tsuchi, hasn’t been delivering supplies lately. Tsuchi has a pet turtle that likes to eat jellyfish, and you decide to look for the traces of jellyfish to find where Tsuchi’s house is.

Swim up to the depths and make your way to the whale bones. Swim to the upper left path, and you will start seeing jellyfish traces at around 180m. Follow the trace to the left, and you will find Tsuchi’s house.

Go inside the house, and you will find Tsuchi, who has been worried about his turtle, Dona. He thinks that his pet has eaten something that has caused her to go crazy.

You will have to calm the turtle down by chasing after it and grabbing its tail. Once done, mash the button until you fill the bar. Dona will then fall to the ground and cough up a plastic bag that she mistook for a jellyfish. Tsuchi will then thank you for helping his pet.

Head back to Mima, and you will be rewarded with x50 Bei. She will also tell you that she will soon start selling food that humans can eat.