Dave the Diver: How to Sell Items for Gold and Bei

A guide on selling things in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Selling Items cover

Items in Dave the Diver can be sold through various means and are oftentimes done to get some more funds for other stuff. Read ahead as we share the ways in which items can be sold in Dave the Diver.

Almost all obtainable items can be sold in the game, including fish and crafting materials. Sold items can either fetch Gold or Bei depending on who you sell them to.

Selling items for Gold

Selling items for Gold Dave the Diver

Cobra’s Shop can buy items from you in exchange for gold. Talk to Cobra at the boat, select Shop, then go to the Sell tab to start selling items. Items that can be sold through Cobra’s Shop include scavenged items (even shells and starfishes), special fish parts, upgrade materials, treasures, and crafted weapons.

Selling items for Gold Dave the Diver

Ingredients can be sold from the Sushi Bar or even in the Branch through the Ingredients menu. Select an ingredient from the list and then choose the amount that you want to sell. Even non-fish ingredients like Salt or Seaweed can be sold through this menu.

Selling items through these means isn’t exactly done for profit, but rather for getting some fast Gold that you can use right away.

Selling items for Bei

Selling items for Bei Dave the Diver

Duwa from the Sea People Village’s Workshop can buy items from you in exchange for Bei which is the currency of the village. He can buy scavenged items, upgrade materials like ores, advanced upgrade materials like the ones he sells, and he can also purchase Sea People treasure. It is recommended to sell items to him rather than to Cobra as Bei is harder to earn than Gold, plus he puts a high price on Sea People treasures.