Dave the Diver: Momo’s Secret Achievement Guide

A guide on how to complete the Momo's Secret achievement in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Momo's Secret cover

Momo’s Secret is one of the achievements in Dave the Diver that deals with the cat named Momo, who is often found lounging by the entrance of the Sushi Bar. Momo always leaves at night, prompting Dave and Bancho to find out what the cat is up to. Read ahead as we show the steps on how to obtain Momo’s Secret achievement in Dave the Diver.

How to unlock the “Momo’s Secret” Achievement

To unlock the “Momo’s Secret” achievement, you will need to feed Momo cat food at least five times. Cans of cat food can be found in cooking pots within the waters of the Blue Hole, and you can find the regular version or the special version. You can feed Momo in the morning and in the afternoon.

After feeding Momo enough times, this will trigger a conversation with Bancho, who asks if you can check on Momo to find out where he goes at night.

Momo has gone off for the night - How to unlock the "Momo's Secret" Achievement

After helping out with the sushi bar, Dave will notice that Momo has gone off for the night. You then get to do a stealth mission where you follow Momo as he walks towards his destination.

follow Momo without getting noticed - How to unlock the "Momo's Secret" Achievement

During this mission, your goal is to follow Momo without getting noticed, either by getting too close or by making too much noise. Pay attention to the bar in the upper left corner, as this shows how close you are to alerting Momo. Momo will be alerted and will start looking around when you make enough noise. You can mimic a cat’s sound to avoid detection.

follow Momo to his destination - How to unlock the "Momo's Secret" Achievement

Eventually, you will follow Momo to his destination, where it is revealed that Momo is a dad and he brings food to his mate and kitten named Mochi. Afterwards, Momo and his family decide to follow you back to the sushi bar. You will then be rewarded with the “Momo’s Secret” achievement.

feed Mochi instead of Momo cat food - How to unlock the "Momo's Secret" Achievement

Moving forward, you can then feed Mochi instead of Momo cat food. Feeding both Momo and Mochi 20 times cumulatively will also reward you with the “Catman” achievement.