Dave the Diver Operator Promotion Codes

A guide sharing all the Operator Promotion Codes and their rewards in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Operator Codes cover

There are several hidden promotion codes in Dave the Diver that can be found throughout the game. Giving these codes to the Operator will unlock special in-game customization items that add a bit more style to the game. Read ahead as we share all of the discovered Operator Codes in Dave the Diver.

How to use the Operator Codes

Once you have learned a code, open the Call app on your phone and scroll down to see the Operator at the bottom of your contact list. Choose the contact to get connected to the Operator. Next, choose Claim Reward and you will then be able to input the code. Once it’s done, you will receive the code’s corresponding reward.

Although these codes can be found in certain areas of the game, you do not need to actually see them before you can redeem your reward.

All Dave the Diver Operator Promotion Codes and Locations

These are all the discovered Operator Promotion Codes at the time of this writing; they are not case sensitive:

  • 4TWRS – Unlocks the Manbo Air Poster for the Sushi Bar. Can be found in the Manbo Air email dated 9/25.
  • EASTEREGG – Unlocks the Weathercock that is placed on top of the chicken coop. Can be found at the back of the chicken coop at the farm.
  • SEAPEOPLE – Unlocks the Sea People Tablet for the Sushi Bar. Can be found inside the cave that has King Long’s mural at depth 90m; the text is in Sea People language.
  • GREATKINGLONG – Unlocks the Great King Long Statue for the Sushi Bar.
  • SEABLUEFOREVER – Unlocks the Sea Blue Boat Skin. Can be found at the deeper part of the Glacial area, at depth 568m.

Those are all the Operator Promotion Codes that are available in Dave the Diver. Look forward to more codes as they could possibly be added in future updates of the game.