Where to Find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver

This guide shares the steps on where to find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver The Missing Beluga cover

The Missing Beluga is one of the missions you’ll have to complete in Dave the Diver Chapter 6: Melting Glacier. In this quest, Ramo lost track of his Beluga and figured that it must have swam somewhere within the Glacial Area. Dave needs to find it fast and figure out what happened to it. Read ahead as we go through the steps on where to find The Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver.

The Missing Beluga Location

The Missing Beluga Location - Where to Find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver

The Beluga is located within the maze area of the Glacial Area, which can be found on the west side. Make sure to be prepared with proper diving gear that can reach the 500m depths.

You will then find the Beluga lying down on the icy floor (in case it does not show up anywhere in the map, try reloading the game or do another dive). An Antarctic Octopus will then show up, which was the one that poisoned the Beluga.

A chase will occur as you try to catch up to the octopus as it flees away. During this chase, your goal is to make sure you do not lose sight of the octopus by letting it gain distance from you. There will be obstacles in the way, like the falling icicles and the occasional puff of poison ink, which can slow you down.

Once you get the octopus cornered, you will then have the option to Harvest it or Rescue it. Choose the Rescue option to let it go, and it will drop the Antarctic Octopus Antidote and a Jade Fish Statue. Head back to the Beluga and give it the antidote so that it gets back on its flippers and you can complete the objective.