Days Gone 2 Petition Signatures Surpasses 100,000 Mark

Fans of the popular open-world zombie apocalypse game Days Gone recently made a petition to make the rejected pitch of the sequel become a reality and it has surprisingly hit a big milestone.

The petition to make the sequel come true was recently started by the fandom and to much surprise, the signatures have already surpassed the 100,000 mark. Previously, it was reported to hit the 75,000 mark, but now it has gone even further.

It just goes to show that this game had a lot of fans and even though it had a rough start, it redeemed itself at later years. There are a lot of them and they have given their support to make Sony Interactive Entertainment repeal what they decided and make Days Gone 2 a reality.

In other news, game developer Bend Studio has been busy recruiting more people for a new “AAA IP”. What could this new project be? While some are speculating that this could be the game they are waiting for as fans, others are curious as to why they are recruiting a lot of people for this new IP.

Also, Days Gone will be launching on PC this coming May 19.

Source: ThePlayStationBrahs