DayZ 1.58 Update: October 4 Patch 1.22 Hotfix 2 Details Released

Bohemia Interactive deployed DayZ Update 1.58 for Update 1.22 Hotfix 2.

Bohemia Interactive rolls out the DayZ 1.58 update for consoles, specifically addressing Patch 1.22 Hotfix 2. This update introduces a range of gameplay and technical improvements. Dive into the DayZ October 4 patch notes to discover the changes.

DayZ Update 1.58 and Update 1.22 Hotfix 2 Patch Notes

Kyiara, the community manager, posted on the DayZ forums detailing the latest console update.

Console 1.22 Update 3 – Version 1.22.156771 (Released on 4.10.2023)




  • Reduced the amount of damage infected deal to clothing and players


  • Fixed: Objects with skeleton (houses, items) would not draw in diag “Enfusion World > Show bodies”

Source: DayZ’s Official Forums

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