Dead Island 2 Celebrates Zombies and Not The Humans

It's not about the humans anymore. It's all about zombies, zombies, zombies.

Dead Island 2 is out now and Dambuster Studios is sharing some interesting details about it. One of them is about its main focus and how it separates from other zombie games out there.

Game Director David Stenton recently spoke with in an interview talking about various details about the recently released Dead Island 2. He revealed the game’s humble beginnings, how their studio continued its development after the previous one let it go, and other details. One of them was about how the studio wanted to “put their own stamp” on the game, which they leaned more into a pulp tone. It is what makes the zombie genre quite popular where it is over the top, slightly larger than life, and the gore extreme, but just slightly. Hence, the new feature F.L.E.S.H. was born.

dead island 2

Stenton also revealed how the studio wanted to stray away from the usual zombie theme where the humans were the focus. It was not about the zombies but more about humans being evil, fighting each other, and more about human society. The zombies were then put in the backdrop instead. Dambuster did not want that so in this game, they will celebrate the zombies instead. This could also be the reason for the first-person view instead of showing the protagonist in the third-person view or being shown in cutscenes.

Dead Island 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.