Dead Island 2 Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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After many years in development, Dead Island 2 somehow managed to survive several years of restarts. Now the game is set to finally release on April 21, 2023. Now, we can’t claim to know what to expect with a game that’s been in development hell longer than most franchises, but we can get an idea of the gameplay through the game’s trophy list.

This Dead Island 2 trophy guide will tell you everything you can expect once you start the platinum trophy for the game. It’s pretty much going to be a smooth run with some speed bumps here and there.

There are a total of 46 trophies to collect in Dead Island 2:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 3 Gold trophies
  • 10 Silver trophies
  • 32 Bronze trophies

Dead Island 2 Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Who Do You Voodoo?: Collect every Dead Island 2 trophy!

Gold Trophies

  • Our True Nature: Give up your chance to be human again
  • LA Influential: Complete 40 non-Story Quests
  • Max Headroom: Reach level 30

Silver Trophies

  • Rising Star: Complete 20 non-Story Quests
  • On Safari: Complete the first tier of every Zombie Challenge
  • Variety is the Spice of Death: Complete the first tier of every Weapon Challenge
  • Zombicidal Maniac: Complete the first tier of every Combat Challenge
  • Survival Skills: Complete the first tier of every Survivor Challenge
  • Smorgasbord: Complete the first tier of every Exploration Challenge
  • Sharpest Tool in the Box: Complete 5 Lost & Found Weapon Quests
  • Sole Survivor: Complete 9 Lost & Found Missing Person Quests
  • Jumbo Keyring: Unlock 10 Lockboxes
  • Bookworm: Collect 50 Journals

Bronze Trophies

  • Welcome to Hell-A: Survive a plane crash, get bitten, and create your first Zombie-Free Zone.
  • Hotel California: Fight through the Halperin Hotel to make contact with the authorities
  • Personal Assistant Personally Assisted: Track down Michael and rescue him from the Terror at Monarch Studios
  • Git Gutte!: Join forces with Sam B and get your hands on some firepower
  • Friend Like These: Encounter a mysterious… benefactor? Well, that’s what shed’ call herself, anyway.
  • Dr. Reed, I Presume?: Survive the many perils of Venice Beach and meet Dr. Reed at the Serling Hotel
  • But Doctor, I Am Butcho: Slay a killer clown and get your blood sample to Dr. Reed
  • Can’t Handle the Truth: Learn the truth about what you are as dark secrets are revealed
  • Like Ride a Bike: Find Patton and convince him to fly you out of Hell-A
  • A Patton Emerges: Survive the Metro system and get to Hollywood Boulevard
  • Make it So: Help Sarah and Sebastian light a beacon of hope
  • Gore Horse: Help an artist to complete their greatest (and grisliest) piece of art
  • Go, Bobcats!: Reunited all the VCLA Bobcats
  • Internet Famous: Complete Amanda’s Clickbait quests. You won’t believe what happens next!
  • Making Your Mark: Complete 10 non-Story Quests
  • Ooh, Shiny!: Find your first Legendary Weapon
  • Zombologist: Unlock every zombie type in the Zompedia
  • Stacking the Deck: Collect 30 Skill Cards
  • Humanity Distilled: Equip your first Numen Skill Card
  • Down with the Sickness: Reach the highest tier of Autophage infection by equipping Autophage Skills
  • Anger Management: Slay 50 zombies with Fury Attacks
  • This is My Weapon: Fully upgrade a Superior weapon and customize it with a mod or perk in every slot
  • Not Even My Final Form: Slay a Mutator before it transforms
  • Hazardous Materials: Slay 100 Zombies using Caustic, Fire, or Shock damage
  • Break a Leg: Maim 100 limbs
  • Slayer Squad: Complete any 5 quests in co-op
  • I Am the Resurrection: Revive other Slayers 5 times
  • Coup de Grace: Slay 25 zombies using finishing moves
  • Perks of the Job: Complete 5 Blueprint Challenges
  • Donk!: Throw a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ meters away
  • Apex Predator: Knock down 10 Apex Variants
  • I Got a Zombie Army and You Can’t Harm Me: Perform 25 perfect defensive moves

The trophy run for Dead Island 2 looks to be standard fare. The majority of trophies you’re going to get are from story progression. And since there’s no difficulty tied to any of the trophies, you can do an entire campaign to familiarize yourself with the mechanics and remove nearly half the trophies from your list.

But if you know that you won’t be picking up this game again once you put it down, you’re better off doing all side activities (apparently there are more than 40 non-story quests in the game) and collectibles while progressing the story.

A weird addition for some players is going to be the multiplayer trophies. While the earlier games were intended to be like story-driven zombie games with L4D-eque gameplay, they were never meant to be an online-only thing. That’s why the Slayer Squad and I am the Resurrection Bronze trophies feel shoehorned in for some reason. They don’t impact the trophy run unless paying for PlayStation Plus and looking for an online lobby is going to be an issue.

In terms of collectibles, Dead Island 2 has those in spades. There is the Jumbo Keyring Silver Trophy for opening 10 lockboxes and the Bookworm Silver Trophy for collecting 50 journals. The Perks of the Job Bronze Trophy counts since blueprints are on the line. Technically, you can also squeeze in the Go, Bobcats Bronze Trophy for reuniting all the VCLA Bobcats. But we’re not sure what that entails just yet.

From the trophy list, we know that the level cap is going to be level 30, and that there will be at least 30 skill cards to collect. We don’t know about you guys, but the whole decking building thing doesn’t have the same shine it used to have. We can chalk that up to being a product of its time.

And then come the side quests. We know that there will be at least 40 side quests throughout the game. And a fair number of them are dedicated to looking for missing items and people. You get the Sharpest Tool in the Box and Sole Survivor Silver trophies for doing a set number of Lost & Found and Missing Person quests, respectively. It is very likely that there are more than the trophies ask for, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In short, we’re looking at an objective-based trophy run with a drop of multiplayer for good measure. It does a bit of everything while not asking players to do everything in the game. Online requirements aside, it’s going to be one of those open-world busybody trophy runs for the most part.

And that’s everything we’ve got for this Dead Island 2 trophy guide. The Dead Island series has always leaned towards the fun side, and this game is no different. Our best advice is to have fun and then start focusing on individual challenges once you have the best gear on hand. You can’t go wrong with being overpowered in a zombie survival game. Till next time, trophy hunters.

Check out this Dead Island 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer courtesy of the PlayStation YouTube channel.