Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Launches Digitally September 2024

Frank West Goes Back To His Roots in 4K Quality

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Launches Digitally September 2024

In 2006, Capcom released one of the most favorite zombie-killing games of all time, Dead Rising. Since then, the series has become one of the wackiest and most fun adventure games to ever grace consoles. Today, a remastered version of the game is coming out and fans will be astounded by what’s in store for them when the game launches later this September.

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Announcement Trailer

We return to how it all started as Frank West during the deadly events of the 1st Dead Rising game. Players will love the newly improved graphics and new features that aim to enhance our zombie-killing experience. With only 72 hours to survive, Mr. West must uncover the truth about this zombie outbreak and deal with multiple psychopaths while having the option to save anyone he comes across.

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Features

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster is the definitive remaster of the classic Dead Rusung game in which players have to take on a hoard of zombies with an endless choice of weapons, wacky costumes, and comedic yet action thrill missions. Below are the key features found in the game:

  • Improved Graphics where players will experience the realism of being overrun by hordes of zombies in 4K quality
  • Updated and Improved Character Models are shown as Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster introduces newly remastered and high-quality characters such as Frank West, the Psychopaths, NPCs, and many more.
  • Multiple Voice Languages can be selected. For the 1st time ever, the game will come in 9 different languages including English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Castilian Spanish, and Russian! The game will also have subtitles across 14 languages,
  •  Numerous adjustments and highly requested features have been added to the game in terms of combat, exploration, and more.

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Release Date

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster will launch digitally for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (via Steam) on September 19 for $49.99, Capcom announced. A physical version will be released in November.

The Digital Deluxe Edition will have the following bonuses that players will enjoy:

  • Costumes and Background Music: Willamette Parkview Mall Pack
  • Costumes and Background Music: Resident Evil Heroes Pack
  • Costumes and Background Music: Resident Evil Villains Pack
  • Costumes and Background Music: Mega Man Pack
  • Costumes and Background Music: Capcom Fighters Pack
  • Costume and Background Music Set 1
    • Costume: Frank West 2006 (Dead Rising)
    • Background Music: “Dreams of Yore (Mall Music 2 arranged)
  • Costume and Background Music Set 2
    • Costume: Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2)
    • Background Music: “Super Shopper” (Dead Rising 2)
  • Costume and Background Music Set 3
    • Costume: Willamette Parkview Mall Bee (Dead Rising)
    • Background Music: “Happy Flight! (Mall Music 6 Arranged)

For more details about Dead Rising Deluxe Remake, players may find them on the main website.