Dead Space Remake Ultimate Goal to Keep Players Fully Immersed

If the game makes you stay and play without bathroom breaks, it's a win for the team.

Dead Space Remake Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme discussed some details about the development of the remake, especially its goal.

Dead Space Remake Ultimate Goal

According to Ducharme in the latest PlayStation Magazine UK issue (January 2023), the development team’s important task is to enhance and build on the level of immersion Dead Space offered way back in 2008. He even made multiple walkthroughs of the original game first so that they can fully discover its various strong selling points and what stood out was immersion. They had to enhance that to fully pull in the player.

No Bathroom Breaks? Big Win!

The team’s ultimate goal is to make players stay immersed in Dead Space’s terrifying atmosphere. Ducharme joked that if they are able to get a player with the controller in their hands at the start and play throughout the entire game without putting their pad down, then they could finally say they have accomplished their goal. He went even further saying if they can make them stay and play for 12-15 hours straight without going to the bathroom, they would have probably accomplished something.

Beyond Enhancements

In order to achieve that great goal, the development team has gone beyond enhancements and made some conscious changes to the source material. Some sequences have been changed like the ADS cannon sequences from the fourth and eighth chapters now gone. It now plays differently in Dead Space Remake.

dead space remake

More changes are coming to the remake as well, but fans and newcomers will be able to see them when Dead Space Remake launches on January 27, 2023. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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