Death Stranding Mixed Reviews Expected By Kojima

Death Stranding Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding creator and director Hideo Kojima recently talked about the mixed reviews the game has gotten and how he took it when they got posted in public.

Death Stranding mixed reviews nothing new for Kojima

Kojima stated that the mixed reviews for his video game were not a surprise to him and in fact that he expected these already. He also said that the feeling is nothing new for him. He answered in an interview that the mixed reception is not unusual because he wanted to try to do something new.

Even with Metal Gear, I was always concentrating on coming up with something fresh for people to play, or showing them a new system of gameplay. So my approach is always the same. In terms of how I feel now people are playing Death Stranding, I believe there will be positive and negative reactions. This happens when you try to do something new, even in movies or games. If people are faced with something they haven’t experienced before, it can be challenging. It was the same when I first did a stealth title.

Kojima was proud of creating and completing the game. The game’s approach to the multiplayer encourages positive connections and he is very happy with that.

If you look at the world right now, we are connected to the internet 24 hours a day. And that technology was supposed to be there to make us happy. However, what you see today is people anonymously fighting each other or discriminating against each other. Some people are getting tired of social media or the internet as a whole. But when you play Death Stranding, your connection with other people is entirely positive.

Because there isn’t anything negative and it’s all based on positive intent and positive feedback, you start to care for each other. If there was any point at which I was worried about the game, it would be whether or not this positivity would work. But looking at the feedback people are saying things like, ‘Oh, I’m a bit nicer now!’ When I saw that, I was really happy. So I’m proud of that.

Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4. The PC version will launch on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store by summer 2020.

Source: PlayStation Access

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