Death Stranding Celebrates New Milestone After Three Years

Happy third anniversary Death Stranding!

Kojima Productions has recently announced that the popular video game Death Stranding has now reached a new milestone after three years.

According to Hideo Kojima on his official Twitter account, he revealed that since the game’s launch, over 10 million players have now played the apocalyptic version of the United States in Death Stranding. Over 10 million players have stepped into the shoes of the legendary courier Sam Bridges.

These current numbers include all platforms the game is available on. It also adds the numbers where the users have played the game via subscription services like PS Plus and the recent PC Game Pass.

Kojima, on his Twitter account, shared a clip that featured two cakes and a monitor that showed a scenery from Death Stranding with the message “Thank You 10 Million Players Death Stranding” written across the image.

The new figure is possibly due to its launch on Microsoft Windows and PC Game Pass.

death stranding

Death Stranding is now available on PC via Steam and Microsoft Windows, PS4, and PS5. Also on PC Game Pass.