Death Stranding PC Version Gets Delayed To July For More Time

Death Stranding

Unfortunate news for PC gamers out there who wanted Kojima Production’s Death Stranding on their platform, the mysterious and award-winning video game has been delayed.

Death Stranding PC gets new release date

Many Japanese gaming studios have been closed down due to Japan having the COVID-19 pandemic and one of those who got temporarily closed down was Kojima Productions. As a result, the PC version of this game (and most awaited by PC gamers) has been delayed to July 14.

In a tweet, the studio explained that the team behind the PC version of the game needs more development time for it, so they have to delay it. Since there is a work-from-home order from the higher ups, there will be some slowdowns with their work. They thanked the fans for their patience and continued support.

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The PlayStation 4 version is already available.