Death Stranding Secrecy Due To Social Network Era: Kojima

Death Stranding Norman Reedus character

Game creator and legend Hideo Kojima explains the high secrecy of information about upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding.

Death Stranding secrecy due to social network era

Kojima explained in an exclusive interview with a publication that the upcoming video game’s secrecy is a reaction to the social network era that everyone lives in today. Everyone wants answers right away and social media is always ready to give such.

Gamers want immediate answers

The game creator said that while this is a good advantage for everyone, this is also bad for others. Gamers want to know if they like a game or not and they want immediate answers for what they should think.

Kojima likened the situation to a math problem, where knowing the answer is not that important. He said that the important thing is the process of getting to answer or the solution. He did not want to take away the most fun part for the players.

Main goal is to be different than other games

Kojima explained that the goal of Kojima Productions is to be different from what is seen in many other games today. He stated that while violence is an option for the game, it is also not the ideal choice. He wants gamers to reconnect the world.

Source: Variety

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