Death Stranding Will No Longer Be Exclusive To The PS4 This June

Death Stranding Heartman

As of June 2nd this year, Death Stranding can no longer be in the list for PlayStation Exclusives. An exclusive for the platform since its launch at November 8th of last year, Death Stranding will be joining the PC family moving forward. However, there still isn’t any news if the game will launch on Xbox One.

With the PC port comes extra content and graphical upgrades that PC users will no doubt enjoy. There is also a promised crossover of the sorts with Half-Life allowing Sam Porter Bridges to wear a headcrab. Another added plus for the PC port would be the much awaited Photo Mode which has been requested by PS4 users.

While other content for the port remain unknown, we can look forward to future update from Kojima Productions. Stay tuned! Looking at the horizon, it seems that Death Stranding isn’t the only PlayStation exclusive to be opening up to other platforms.

Source: PushSquare

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