Dialogue in Deathloop will not be Repetitive; Reactive to Player Actions


Upcoming video game Deathloop has two unique individuals that are heavily involved in the story, which are Colt and Julianna. The prior is the protagonist while the latter is one of the Visonaries, the targets that Colt need to kill, and the main antagonist in the game. While Colt is trying to break from the endless time loop within Blackreef, “Jules” is trying to prevent that from happening.


When Jules enters the scene, Colt is distracted, his concentration is now off, and will now try to find a way to get away from this annoying opponent. It also comes with hilarious banter along the way. Game Director Dinga Bakaba reveals in an interview that the dialogue will be something of a treat for the players.

According to Bakaba, the conversations between Colt and Jules will never repeat in in the game because both are very ware that they are in a time loop. “… so they never have the exact same things to say to each other,” he stated.

The best thing about their conversations is how both react to what the players do in the game. “Imagine you killed someone, she might comment on it and gives her perspective, or if you go out of a fight, she might mock you, and the conversation would go on from there,” Bakaba shared.

Players will never get bored when these two characters butt their heads during an encounter because each one will be unique. They will always have something to say to each other and in the most hilarious ways.

Deathloop is launching on PlayStation 5 and PC this coming September 14.

Interview source: WCCFTech