Deathloop DLC or Sequel Possibly in Development


A new interview slip-up might have just revealed that there will be new stuff coming to Deathloop.

The voice actor of Colt in Deathloop, Jason Kelley, was recently interviewed by YouTuber Streamily to talk about the game. They discussed the audition process they went through for the game and a lot more.

In this particular section of the video, Kelley then casually drops that both he and voice actress Ozioma Akagha (Julianna) are still being hired by Arkane Studios under Deathloop’s codename. He then realizes that this is information that he was not supposed to share with the public and quickly makes a funny face. Ozioma quickly tells everyone that they heard nothing and changed the topic.

This meant both voice actors are possibly still working with Arkane Studios, which meant there will be more new content coming to Deathloop. Since they are still recording lines, there should be more content getting added which could be single-player add-ons, new multiplayer modes, or possibly just some new entries to the lore.

The best possible situation would be a new Deathloop game, a sequel to the story.

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