Deathloop Allows Save in Certain Times; Retaining Equipment Needs Resource


New details about upcoming video game Deathloop reveal saving feature and how players could retain their equipment in between runs.

Arkane Game Director Dinga Bakaba recently talked with media outlet Checkpoint Gaming about their new game. He shared that “It’s quite a unique game… Even though I’m a AAA dev, I do play indie games that take risks…. It’s rare that we get the opportunity to work on something so fresh.” They are actually drawing parallels to indie-developed games, which are more of experimental, risky, but also new to players. Deathloop offers such things.

It was then revealed that players can actually save in between runs in this game. Compared to the recently released PS5 game Returnal, Arkane’s game offers players to save their progress, but there is a caveat: it can only happen during intermission periods. When they leave the safe area and go to another one, they cannot save again until they leave that one.

Another detail revealed was the ability to carry across some progress and maintain the equipment players have during a run. There is a requirement to do so, which is the resource called Residium. This can be accumulated during runs and can be spent afterwards for maintaining information and equipment. If they use Residium to remember a code, then it will stay with them next time. Helpful, but has a limit too, which gives the players a challenge.

Deathloops launches on PC and PS5 on September 14.

Interview source: Checkpoint Gaming