Deathloop Substories or Side Missions More Than Dishonored Had

Arkane Game Director Dinga Bakaba shared some interesting details about how many sidestories or substories upcoming video game Deathloop has and other stories involving a previous game.


Bakaba was asked by media outlet WCCFTEch about how many substories or side missions does this game have or are there even any at all. He replied that there are many actually and they are more than what video game Dishonored had in the past. He revealed that it has a lot because of the environments that players will be visiting and they are all going to be explored in different times of the day, four at that. Different time, different place, different side missions to encounter.

The team wanted to make the game’s world to feel alive, which is why they made the content “extremely organic.” That means it changes from time to time and there are conditions to get that effect.

Bakaba then shared that the amount of concepts they made for any game actually double the size of the game. The final version is half of it, which meant there was a lot of content cut off. One fine example of that was Dishonored 2. “… the cutting board for Dishonored 2 is as big as the actual game.”

So, for players expecting to have a lot of content for Deathloop, they will be in for a treat.

Interview source: WCCFTech