Desperados III New DLC Money for the Vultures-Part 1 Late to the Party Revealed

Desperados III

Game company THQ Nordic just revealed the first downloadable content of the Desperados III Season Pass called Money for the Vultures – Part 1. Late to the Party.

This is a full new mission that will be added to the game and will take place after the events in the main story. It brings Cooper and the gang back together to hunt down Vincent DeVitt’s hidden riches. Players have to help them uncover a mysterious vault, avoid bloodthirsty looters, and find out if the enigmatic Rosie from Baton Rouge can really be trusted.

The new mission is part of the Season Pass, but it can be purchased separately for only $5.99 on consoles and $4.99 on PC. The mission is now available to buy.

Additional to the content from the DLC, a free update for all owners of Desperados III will also be available, and adds another epic Baron’s challenge:

The Baron dares you to make one last trip to Devil’s Canyon to ask yourself: “What if?”. Take control of an unleashed young Cooper, who has finally mastered his knife-throwing skills, and fight your way through Devil’s Canyon to face your nemesis, Frank, for the final time. One good throw is all it takes.

Source: Press Release

Check out the trailer here: