Destiny 2 can run at 60FPS on consoles, but Bungie sees it as an “option”

Bungie’s upcoming sequel of Destiny will be making its debut on PC this year in October. Destiny 2‘s Executive Producer in Bungie, David Allens, explains further details about its plot and talks about its technical aspects — how unlocked frame-rate is more of an option.

GameCentral from Metro asked David that if the PC version’s frame-rate is unlocked, does Bungie think that it’s also desirable on consoles? David answered: “That implies that… we see it as an option. One of the things we really want to focus on is the shooting, the way the guns feel, having a lot of other players in public space. So whenever we’re thinking about what the priorities for the game are it’s about pushing those things.”

It seems that Bungie is balancing between the overall performance of the game and the number of players present in “public space”. When asked about if it’s a choice between frame-rate or complex visuals, David responded that he doesn’t know if he’d want to “couch it in those terms” but rather he told GameCentral that it’s all about the game’s core.

“I don’t know if I’d couch it in those terms but it’s really about the core of the game for us, is that sandbox and wanting to push that as much as possible.” And also added that they features of Destiny 2 that are “specific” on PC, whether it’s the unlocked frame-rate or 4K.

By the looks of it, Bungie is choosing to have console versions of Destiny 2 to run on 30FPS in 1080p than 60FPS.

Do you think console versions of Destiny 2 should run on 60FPS in 1080p? Your thoughts below!