Destiny 2 Is Less Linear Than The First Game; It’s Easier To Play Says Project Lead

In just 2 days, the awaited Destiny sequel will invade the store shelves and homes. After the enjoyable beta on PS4 and Xbox One, then followed by an impressive open beta on PC, Destiny 2 will spice things when it comes out on September 6 across the two consoles.

In an interview with DailyStar, Mark Noseworthy, the project lead of Destiny 2, took the time to share that it’s going to be a less linear experience than the first installment. Players will have more choice to where they want to explore, and things will be more open ended.

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You know… yes. I would say that for sure. But at the same time, it’s a game whose systems do a better job at making it clear how to progress – so I think you have more choice, certainly when you’re boots on the ground and can choose to explore where you want to go.

You always know exactly what you need to do to continue the story, especially because of the milestone system we’ve implemented. When you go to the director and press L2/LT, it’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to progress – win 2 PvP to unlock [X], or beat the next story mission on Nessus. Or complete flashpoint on Io and receive powerful gear.[/alert]

Mark also noted that players wouldn’t have a hard time grasping for its basic mechanics, and that it would be self-explanatory. Thus, making Destiny 2 a much better starting point for newcomers to the franchise, especially for PC players.

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There’s a lot more choice and things are much more open ended, but at the same time we’re being much more directional about where we’re heading you if you want to see more story or if you want to grow your Light. We’re trying to unhide the fun, and make it much easier to play Destiny optimally.

We’ve taken a lot of effort to make sure we’re not dumbing down the game: we have the same complexity that we had before, with many of the same mechanics, but rolled out in a way that’s more intuitive and can be followed in a way that they don’t have to have someone explain to them, or where players have to go to the internet.

We want the game to be self-explanatory, so that by the time you’ve gotten through the campaign, you’ll know exactly how to hit your next goal – whatever that may be. The game is giving you the tools to understand ‘this is how to play Destiny, this is how I play Destiny’ and you know what you have to do to get exotics, how to get your Light to go up, how to do the Nightfall.[/alert]

Destiny 2 is expected to launch on PS4 and Xbox One this September 6. Are you ready, Guardians?

Source: DailyStar