DESTINY 2 Stasis Subclasses – Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Destiny 2

Game studio Bungie shared a new look at Stasis, the new elemental power coming to Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

By harnessing the Darkness, Guardians can unleash Stasis to control the fight by performing new abilities such as seizing enemies and shattering them where they stand. Guardians wielding Stasis will adopt new subclass names fitting for embracing the Darkness:

  • Warlocks become Shadebinders, harnessing the power of Darkness to bend the battle to their will.
  • Hunters become Revenants, striking hard and striking fast.
  • Titans become Behemoths, controlling the fight by controlling the ground.

Video description here:

Power takes a new form and three new subclasses emerge: Shadebinders, Revenants, and Behemoths. Guardians will wield Stasis as they begin a perilous journey. A journey to a new destination in search of a dark empire and secrets frozen in time. Secrets that will reveal a power beyond understanding – beyond Light.

Source: Press Release

Check out the gameplay trailer here: