Detroit: Become Human Gets Two More Short Films

Detroit: Become Human Chloe

Game developer Quantic Dream recently released two more short films for Detroit: Become Human. These films focused on two new androids.

Detroit: Become Human short films called Chloe and Hold On

The two new short films that Quantic Dream introduced are called Chloe and Hold on. Both of these films show some insight into the futuristic world of this game between humans and androids. The first tells the story of a female android talking about her own self and about the soul. The second video features a male android singing a song.

Three of the short films are available to watch for free on Sony’s YouTube channel right now. The fourth final original short film will be available in the Extras section of the game.

Players can purchase the game on May 25 and it will be exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

Check out the two short films below:

Official website here.

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