Detroit: Become Human Interview Videos Features Game’s Actors

Detroit: Become Human Markus

Game developer Quantic Dream recently released three new of upcoming video game Detroit: Become Human. It featured the three main characters of the game and the actors behind them.

Detroit: Become Human interview videos showcase actors

Jesse Williams, Valorie Curry, and Bryan Dechart gave each of their opinions of their characters in the video game. These characters are Markus, Kara, and Connor, which all have their own agendas and journeys to go through.

The video shows the actors wearing mo-cap suits and acting out their select sequences from the upcoming game title. Each of the interview videos shows a look behind-the-scenes of their work as actors for each character.

The video game will launch on May 25, and it will be an exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

Check out the interview videos below:




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