Detroit: Become Human Review Embargo Revealed

Quantic Dream’s newest interactive drama is going to hit digital and retail stores next week. Detroit: Become Human is going to be the most “ambitious” game yet to be developed by the French studio.

According to the Twitter post by Metacritic, the reviews should be out globally on May 24 at 5:00AM Pacific Time.

Reviews are usually out a week before launch date for Sony’s first-party games like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Apparently, this isn’t the same case with Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human. There might be factors like being a second-party title or probably because the publisher and the studio aren’t confident about its critical success. Who knows? We will all find out on May 24.

People are already guessing the scores after Metacritic posted the tweet. It seems that most of those who responded to the Metacritic’s tweet are guessing that the Metascore of the game would be around 80 to 90.

“There were times though where I felt like I had no choice. Although the options provided to you always had that one option with the fewer consequences,” according to Leif Bornales in his early impressions of Detroit: Become Human at a media event. “Sometimes it tricks you to believe that there are better options out there and sometimes it will test your morality.”

A demo is also available on PlayStation Store for everyone to try out.

Detroit: Become Human is going to launch on May 25.