Valve Kicks Out Developer from Steam for Its Name “Very Positive”

Game company Valve has booted a developer after it has named it as somewhat deceptive to Steam’s consumers.

The developer named its studio Very Positive, which was very close to how games are rated in Steam. It was rather deceptive and it could trick the players of the PC platform since some of them would not bother checking out the details of the product, but rather only with its rating.

GameDiscoverCo newsletter found out about this deception. Its game was Emoji Evolution and was not that remarkable of a game yet somehow it has a rating of Very Positive. It was then discovered that the blue font and positions of both ratings and developers were close to each other. This was a rather simple yet effective trick to gain more customers.

Valve “somehow” found out and quickly booted him out of the platform. The creator posted on his Twitter account that he disagrees with the accusation and would clarify this with the game company. I somehow doubt that would go well.

The creator actually emailed Vice reporter Patrick Klepek and confessed that he knew what he was doing all along. He thought it was not big of a deal and just wanted to gain more customers. Valve did not like it at all.

Next time, play fair with other developers.

Thanks PC Gamer!

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